My name is Michael, and I have a passion for building guitars that combines hand-crafted traditional woodwork along with modern digital fabrication techniques, such as building custom 3D-printed parts and laser-cutting. A musical instrument is a great way where these two seemingly opposed techniques can complement each other perfectly, delivering a tactile experience for the player with great tonal response.

Michael stood in the workshop holding a work in progress version of his älgen guitar, which has a wooden core with 3D-printed mesh wings.

The aim with the guitars I design with clients and then take to production is to have everything either built by myself, or by an individual I know and can name: the resulting instrument will be tailed to your playing style and tonal preferences by myself and those that I work with.

The workshop workbench, on which sits some untouched blocks of woods arranged in the position of the neck and body of a guitar, and then a late stage guitar build next to it.

There’s always new things to learn about building instruments, which is what keeps me going: new ways to make guitars more sustainable, new ways to improve at the hand crafted parts, and new digital techniques to exploit in making a unique instrument.

If you’d like a hybrid build guitar of your own, a unique instrument that is tailored to your music and visual style, then get in touch.