A crimson mustang-style guitar with a wenge freboard sites on a workbench having it's finishing touches added.

    The Clydesdale

    • Body: American Ash, stained crimson
    • Neck: Birds-eye Maple
    • Fretboard: Wenge, with acrylic inlays
    • Finish: Oil
  • Scale length: 24"
  • Neck Pickup: House of Tone Steel House Humbucker, Alnico V
  • Bridge Pickup: House of Tone Steel House Humbucker, Alnico VIII
  • Hardware: Vintage style tuners, Hipshot hardtail bridge
  • Wiring: 3 way blade selector with push/push volume/tone coil splits.

Named after the horse that helped power the Clyde’s shipyards in years of yore, The Clydesdale is a commission specified by and built for Stewart Matheson of the Glasgow band Layaway. The Clydesdale was the first guitar that we built all the way from CAD model to finished object: based on the classic offset shapes of a Mustang, The Clydesdale was designed to Stewart’s specifications, with each pieces being custom designed to what he wanted.

The combination of a beautifully crimson stained ash body, birds-eye maple neck, and Wenge fretboard ensure that The Clydesdale looks like no other offset you’ve seen before. The House of Tone pickups built to specification for this guitar, along with the custom wiring combination Stewart wanted, ensure that this guitar sounds like no other offset you’ve heard before.

You can see it here in action on Layaway’s most recent video, Falling Knives:


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