A left handed smaller stature guitar sits in a stand on the workbench. The body is a somewhat pointy in style, with natural ash wood showing through an oil finish. The fretboard is purpleheart wood on birds-eye maple. The pickup rings and bridge are also made from purpleheart wood.

    The Corvette

    • Body: Swamp ash
    • Neck: Birds-eye maple
    • Fretboard: Purpleheart with maple inlays.
    • Finish: Oil
  • Scale length: 24"
  • Neck Pickup: House of Tone mini-P90
  • Bridge Pickup: House of Tone mini-humbucker
  • Hardware: Custom purpleheart bridge plate and pickup rings. Gotoh tuners. Graph Tech nut.
  • Wiring: 3-way switch with volume and tone.

The Corvette build is our first new model that is not a homage to an existing model, but an entirely new design made to meet the mix of styles this particular client likes. We took their guitar design preferences and musical influences and fused them together into this, a guitar that is unique to them, and unlike anything they could find off the shelf.

The Corvette was strongly influenced in part by our recent offset builds, but with a fuses a strong rock/metal look about it, and takes nods from the likes of the Les Paul when it comes to keeping the front of the guitar clean, and having all the access for electronics from the rear. It also features a unique ergonomic swooped neck joint that uses ferrels to anchor the neck rather than a metal plate that would constrain the shape.

The Corvette is fitted out with a mini-P90 in the neck, and mini-Humbucker in the bridge, both from our friends over at House of Tone, mounted in hand-made purpleheart pickup rings.


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