A photo of a bearded luthier standing in a workshop holding an orange offset electric guitar.


    • Body: Orange stained and oil finished 2-piece swamp ash body with white binding
    • Neck: Maple neck
    • Fretboard: Rosewood
  • Scale length: 24"
  • Neck Pickup: House of Tone House Special Humbucker
  • Bridge Pickup: House of Tone House Special Humbucker
  • Hardware: Custom 3D-printed carbon-fibre bridge, Gotoh tuners
  • Wiring: 4-position rotary to give series and parallel configurations in addition to individual pickup access

Delfinen is a 24" scale offset guitar, inspired by the 60s style of surf guitar but with a modern feel to it. I wanted to build a guitar that would stand out from the crowd visually, whilst being inspiring to play physically.

This guitar is an evolution of the corvette build: where that was designed to be metal inspired, Delfinen is a more refined take on that short-scale offset vibe. Despite the surf inspiration, the two House of Tone really give this guitar a great rock voice.


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