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A month in the shop: wrapping up Delfinen

8 Apr 2024 - action, delfinen, electronics, fretwork, nut, setup

Going through the final stages of wrapping up Delfinen: getting the setup just right, and soldering up the electronics.


A still from a video showing Michael sat in front of the camera holding a guitar, showing the headstock of it to the camera. On the headstock it says "MWDales" in script and "Delfinen" under that.

A Couple of Weeks in the Shop

14 Nov 2023 - action, älgen, delfinen, hästen, painting, staining, truss-rod, verkstaden

Another couple of frustrating weeks in the shop as my current trio of builds seek to put me in my place.


A photo of the light-blue offset body mounted up in the spray-booth ready to get another coat of paint.