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A month in and out the shop: Verkstaden

8 Jun 2024 - 3D-printing, electronics, verkstaden

Another guitar finally makes it over the line! This week it's Verkstaden's go, and we take a look at what it took to get it over the finishing line, including some last minute custom 3D-printed parts.


A photo of me stood in the workshop playing a solid-bodied electric guitar that has a bright yellow wood stained body, a rosewood fretboard and a maple neck. I appear to be playing an A barre chord.

A month in the shop: wrapping up Delfinen

8 Apr 2024 - action, delfinen, electronics, fretwork, nut, setup

Going through the final stages of wrapping up Delfinen: getting the setup just right, and soldering up the electronics.


A still from a video showing Michael sat in front of the camera holding a guitar, showing the headstock of it to the camera. On the headstock it says "MWDales" in script and "Delfinen" under that.

A Week in the Shop

10 Jun 2023 - älgen, blues deluxe, electronics, fretwork, hästen, inlays, lacquer, noel gallagher, spraying

A busy week in the shop: getting ready to spray a 3D-printed guitar body; learning to use metal rods for dot-inlays on a neck; and when copper insulation goes rogue inside a guitar.


A selfie of me in the spray booth, wearing all my PPE (respirator, eye-protectors, goggles), and behind is the over-exposed 3D-printed body of a guitar ready for spraying with lacquer.

A week in the shop

5 Feb 2019 - electronics, the dandy warhols, the-clydesdale

I work on the electronics for The Clydesdale guitar, I get some bits for my pedal-board and pedal projects, and I get to see one of my favourite bands.


A mustang-style guitar sits on the workbench. It has a crimson body and a white pickguard, into which are installed two chrome covered humbuckers. The neck is maple with a wenge fretboard.